NEWS – Casnati for ESD’s first month

It is impossible not to launch the News section of the brand-new Casnati for ESD website (click here if you have missed the brief presentation) with the #ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) initiatives set up during this first month.

Before Christmas…

  • 2nd and 4th-year students of the Aviation Academy met the experts in charge of the Vicini di strada (Next-street neighbour) project aimed at educating and raising awareness of extreme marginalization.
  • The Global Schools Program’s website features a contribution by Ms. Quartesan, an advocate for the Casnati for ESD project.

Click here to read her contribution.

Click here to watch the video on the Global School Program’s Instagram page.

  • The 2nd-year students of the four-year Language School held a peer-to-peer conference in the auditorium on the topic of “One Planet-One Health”. The event was open to 1st and 2nd-year students of the Language School, and to 2nd-year students of sections A and B of the Art Institute.

In January…

  • After interviewing the Catering School and the canteen staff, the students’ spokespeople invited everyone to fill in the SC canteen form. It is the first step towards revisiting our school canteen and adding more sustainable options on the menu.
  • Video-editing and filming workshops were run by the students of the Multimedia course of the Art School during the lessons held by Mr. Bottoni and Mr. Vimercati to support the creation of the new ESD videos by the students of both the Art School and the Language School.
  • Ms. Franzini assisted the Language School students in the translation into English of the Casnati for ESD website and in the creation of subtitles for the new ESD videos that are being recorded.
  • With her work at Centro Studi Casnati, Ms. Quartesan is among the best Global Schools Program Advocates in her cohort. She appeared as a speaker during the Advocates Graduation Ceremony that was held on January 14th on Zoom before the entire Global Schools Program team and about 200 Advocates from 80 different countries.

For more information on these and MANY more activities, do not miss the latest news in the Portfolio section. #STAYTUNED

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