Portfolio – Collecting food for soup kitchen

Since the establishment of its Catering School, the Centro Studi Casnati secondary school has always supported the Suore Vincenziane soup kitchen on Via Primo Tatti, in Como, by providing them with ready-made meals and foodstuffs when needed. Through its charitable work, it contributes to assisting the over
120 people who attend the soup kitchen and the 60 households that rely on food parcels for staple items.

Among them are not only immigrants and the socially marginalised, but also our fellow Italian citizens.

Every year, the 3 rd -year students of the Catering School collect food items from all classes, thus contributing to raising awareness among pupils and their families of a fundamental Christian principle: it is more blessed to give than receive.

The students always welcome this initiative enthusiastically by dividing up into teams: those responsible for picking up the foodstuffs, those in charge of sorting and stocking them, and those drawing up lists for orderly deliveries.

Every year, the students and their families become the protagonists of an initiative that gives back to those who receive and those who donate.

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