Portfolio – Waste sorting and plastic reduction

Since the 2019-2020 school year, the Centro Studi Casnati has been running a project aimed at promoting waste sorting and reducing plastic consumption.

Recycling bins have been installed on each floor of the school, and a sign carrying instructions on how to use them correctly is displayed on a wall in each classroom.

Not only is the project shared with the students via email every year, it is also encouraged by the active involvement of all teaching staff.

Fully embracing the spontaneous inclination to environmental sustainability that is typical of the new generations, Centro Studi Casnati’s educational mission has resulted in significant waste reduction and increased recycling.

Statistics have shown how a simple action like this can have a significant impact on the community as a whole.

By comparing the environmental impact of waste production with that of the human activities of an entire nation, the estimated global “waste production” has been found to have a greater impact than that of any nation in terms of fresh water consumption, and is cited as the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions after China and the USA (FAO, 2013).

Plastic reduction has been promoted through the introduction of reusable water bottles that can be purchased at school.

What if students do not comply with waste sorting rules?

Whenever students violate the waste sorting policy, the school can either impose disciplinary measures or re-educate them about the importance of this civic duty by engaging them in educational activities such as active and peer-to-peer learning.

During the course of the previous school year, this culminated in a conference organized and held by a class “sanctioned for failing to sorting waste” and open to all students.

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