NEWS – The 2023 All4Youth Italy campaign is waiting for you on October 12th at Centro Studi Casnati

Translation by 3 rd year students (Liceo Linguistico)

The 2023 All4Youth Italy Campaign

The 2023 All4Youth Italy campaign was launched by the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank’s “Connect4Climate” initiative in order to shed a spotlight on the new generations’ commitment against the climate crisis.

The event schedule includes a variety of initiatives (exhibitions, contests, debates and conferences) which will be held from September 15 th through October 20 th leading to “#Youth4Climate: #SparkingSolutions”. The third edition of the event will take place in Rome and will see the participation of a hundred and fifty young people from all over the world.

The event at Casnati regarded as one of the most relevant

Among the initiatives selected for the All4Youth campaign, the Minister indicated the conference-workshop due to take place at the Centro Studi Casnati as one of the most
relevant. The event has been organised in collaboration by Casnati for ESD & Global Schools Program (UN project).

Maria Giovanna Bullock | Collaborator and former teacher at Centro Studi Casnati

Federica Quartesan | Chief Program Officer for Casnati for ESD, Centro Studi Casnati – Advocate, Global Schools Program
Amanda Abrom | Director, Global Schools Program, United Nations SDSN
Nadia Paleari | Global Partnerships and Events Project Officer, SDSN Youth
Giovanni Davì | Cognitive behavioral psychologist and psychotherapist
Veronica Polizzi | Teacher, Centro Studi Casnati
Isabella Cotta | Teacher, Centro Studi Casnati
4 Liceo Linguistico Quadriennale | Students, Centro Studi Casnati
Bruno Mocchi | La Methode


When: 12 th October 2023 at 2:15 p.m.

Venue: Centro Studi Casnati (8, Via Carloni, Como)


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