Technology for International ESD

The Centro Studi Casnati has always proposed itself as a school environment that sees tech innovation as an essential resource. 

Indeed, students view technology as an important aid in the evolution of their way of communicating and acting in an increasingly global world.

The vast digital and electronic ecosystem developed by Casnati provides its students with an innovative and stimulating learning environment.

In addition, these same services also want to be an important educational opportunity: to learn to consciously use technological tools and to moderate the use of textbooks in paper format (and therefore also the ensuing emissions and pollution).

The educational and experiential effects are also important. 

For example, with the mediation of students of the Language high school, the possibility of involving in ESD initiatives any other school that shares our same principles, regardless of its geographical location, so as to develop an increasingly rich and impactful ESD network.

The tech services provided by Casnati

Suggested platforms for ESD intercultural exchanges


International cooperation between Casnati and the “Centro professionale di Santa Teresa per disabili fisici della regione del Volta del Ghana” to create a solidarity capsule to be presented at the Casnati Fashion Show.